Lawn Care service tips

Lawn care is never an accident. And among all of the strategies for grass care that make a lawn look its best, mowing properly is one of the most important. Keeping your lawn a cut above the rest is really very simple. Just remember these basic rules, and you’ll be well on your way to having a picture-perfect lawn.

Tip #1: “Grasscycling” Helps Fertilize Your Lawn

“Should I catch my clippings when I mow?” No! It’s almost never a good idea to collect clippings from your lawn for several good reasons. Clippings return a lot of nutrients to the lawn and help with fertilizing. They also do not add to thatch, and there’s no more room for them in landfills anyway.

Clippings “recycle” as much as 15% of all the food value of the lawn fertilizer applied. This means a lawn that “grasscycles” can be greener and better fed than one where clippings are removed. And because clippings have such high water content, they break down quickly and return both mositure and lawn fertilizing nutrients to the soil fast. Letting your clippings lie taps into the natural cycle of nature, and saves you time and effort during routine lawn fertilization.

Tip #2: Make Sure You’re Controlling Thatch Build-Up

Thatch is the layer of living and dead roots and stems that form on top of the soil. A small amount of thatch is a good thing, but when thatch builds up faster than the soil can break it down, all sorts of lawn maintenance problems start to crop up. The misunderstanding is that grass clippings add to this thatch. This just isn’t true. Thatch is made up mostly of roots and stems, not grass blades. Bagging the clippings does not reduce thatch build-up. Core aeration will help control thatch for more than baggind grass clippings.

Tip #3: Mow Your Grass High

The first guideline for growing grass is mowing high. A lawn kept clipped at the correct height is able to stay greener, helps with weed control, conserves water by shading the soil, and has more food producing ability. Weed and crabgrass seeds need plenty of sun and heat to sprout. Because of this, taller grass is one of the best methods of weed prevention you can use. Shading the soil by mowing higher also reduces water loss from evaporation.  There is a couple of choices for for lawn care ,

Cutting Too Short Or Too Much Off At Once Is Scalping

When you set the blade too low, you may remove most of the food producing parts of the plant. The result is a brown lawn that takes weeks and weeks to recover.

Tip #4: Don’t Mow Too Much – But Make Sure You’re Mowing enough

Mowing at the right frequency is the second grass care rule to keeping your lawn in top condition. Lawns grow at very different rates from season to season. Turf grass produces much more top growth during the spring and fall, and your mowing schedule should match the growth of your lawn. During periods of heavy growth, once a week may not be enough, while every ten days might be fine during the summer.

The key to mowing frequency is to never remove more than 1/3 of the total blade height in a single mowing.

LAwn mower

Lawn mower

Tip #5: Maintain a healthy lawn by sharpening and balancing your mower blade

We receive grass care inquiries every year about lawns that look brown even after periods of rain and cooler weather. In almost every case, this is the result of a dull mower blade shredding the tips of the grass. When a blade is dull, it rips the turf instead of cutting cleanly. The ripped tips then bleach out and turn brown, giving the whole lawn a tan or brown cast. Having the blade sharpened and balanced once per year is usually not enough especially on larger properties. To keep your grass growing strong, you should touch up your blade edge with a file or have it re-sharpened 2 to 3 times per year.

Remember: always disconnect the spark plug anytime you put your hands into the blade area.

By following these easy grass and lawn care rules, you’ll always keep your lawn on the cutting edge.

Things to remember when cutting grass:


The common perception that clippings add to thatch has been disproved by university research.
Grass clippings left on the lawn return up to 15% of the nutrients applied in lawn fertilizer.
Up to 10% of landfill space has been used by grass clippings, and we’re running out of space.
Mow the turf high. Set the mower on one of the highest settings. Never remove more than 1/3 of the blade height at a time.
Mow more often during periods of heavy grass growth.
Keep the blade sharp for a clean cut.
Never handle the blade without disconnecting the spark plug wire first.

best landscaping and mowing business

The Best Lawncare and Landscaping Steps for Moberly Mo.

1.Starting early with lawn care is the best way to get results. Act just before spring or right at the beginning of the season to provide your lawn with the foundation it needs for a lush, green cover. The following tips can be a great help:

Tools and Materials

Lawn mower Lime or sulfur amendment Lawn fertilizer
Sprinkler system Weed killer or herbicide Step 1Boost overall soil health. Spring is an excellent time to check soil health. If your lawn is compacted, aerating it will help. The holes created by the aerator allow air and water to reach roots and fertilizers to settle in. Test your soil to determine its nutrient levels and acidity/alkalinity (pH) level so you know what to add. All soils benefit from the addition of organic matter, such as compost.

Spreading a thin layer over your entire lawn will enhance your soil’s ecosystem, which in turn will support healthy grasses. Also, if your soil pH is too acidic, apply lime to raise the pH or “sweeten” it; use sulfur to lower the pH of alkaline soil.

Step 2Know when to fertilize. Fertilizing lawns helps build dense turf that crowds out most weeds. Thin grass and bare spots invite weed seeds to sprout and take hold. Fertilize lawns when they’re actively growing.

Observe your lawn and apply lawn fertilizer as soon as the grass begins growing vigorously, which may be early spring in some regions and several weeks away in cooler locales. Plan to fertilize again in summer.

In Missouri, spring is a time of rapid growth for the area’s cool-season grasses, including ryegrass, fescues and Kentucky bluegrass. These grasses prefer cool weather and will grow vigorously until hot weather slows them down. Then they’ll resume growth in fall. Fertilize cool-season grasses in spring when they begin active growth—which may still be a few months away—and again in fall to provide the nutrients they need, when they need them. Its recommended to hire professional landscaping companies.

Step 3. Water well. If you’re installing a new lawn, look for new grass seed technology. These new seeds are enhanced with a special coating that helps the plants produce a thicker, healthier and more drought-tolerant lawn compared with untreated seed. Lawns grown with these seeds, offered from brands like Pennington and Scotts, may use up to 30 percent less water, saving you time and money.

When it comes to watering, more isn’t necessarily better. Turf grasses need adequate water to grow healthy and strong as too much water invites disease and actually can make grass more sensitive to drought. Unless you’re living in a region that has experienced a prolonged drought, you can put off your watering until daytime temperatures reach 80.

Set your sprinkler system to provide a thorough watering about once a week. If rainfall hasn’t been adequate, set it for 1/2 to 1 inch of water each time. Apply water slowly, so it sinks in rather than running off. This technique encourages plants to grow deep roots that are more drought-tolerant than shallow roots. Allowing grass and soil to dry between waterings also minimizes disease, since most are caused by fungi that need moisture to spread.

Step 4. Controlling weeds. The best way to control weeds is to have healthy, vigorously growing lawn grasses. Control early-sprouting weeds with a pre-emergent herbicide—corn-gluten-based formulas are eco-friendly options. These herbicides inhibit seed germination, so don’t use them on newly seeded areas. Consider herbicides such as EcoSMART.

Step 5. Mowing. Allow grass to get a strong head start before you begin lawn mowing in moberly , reaching a height of 3 or 4 inches, depending on the type of grass. Use a mulching mower and leave grass clippings on the lawn where they’ll break down and recycle the nutrients they contain. Then, plan to mow frequently enough so that you remove no more than one-third the grass blade each time you mow.

Step 6. Lawn care to-dos for the spring.

In Mid Missouri : See MU lawncare tips

  • Begin evaluating lawns once snow melts.
  • Read up on new technologies, such as smart-seed lawns.
  • Consider installing efficient irrigation systems.
  • Learn about eco-friendly weed and pest control.
  • Shop for a mulching mower.

Used shipping containers for sale are easy to Find with a Broker


Used shipping containers for sale are easy to find with a Broker?

Finding a shipping containers can be easy.  But you have to start with the basics.  As a small and mid-size contractor you’ve got many decisions to make on a daily basis. Dont let the easy choice what size steel cargo container get you bogged down  A huge issue (headache) for most contractors is dealing with equipment; factors like deployment, maintenance, and cost are a continuing frustration. Fortunately contractors have the option to rent or to buy capital equipment.

Six reasons you should buy your storage containers:
1) Used Shipping Containers don’t cost a significant amount of money for so you are not tying up a great deal of cash.
2) If you buy right, containers generally don’t cost a lot to maintain.
3) Once you load up your stuff you can ship your tools and equipment back to your yard or to the next site.
4) It’s your cargo container so you can “brand” it with your logo, tag lines and phone number turning one of your tools of the trade into a small marketing bill board.
5) You will be responsible to repair any dents or significant paint damage. You will need to clean it out and broom sweep it prior to returning it or have it power washed if it has a great deal of dirt or mud splashed on it.
6) If renting a container you will more than likely be responsible to provide and insurance certificate specific to the container.

How to finding Used shipping containers for sale?

used cargo container

used cargo container

Six Reasons you should rent your storage containers:
1) If your projects require you to travel in a large geographic area, it may cost more to ship your container to the project site than it does to rent one locally.
2) Your field crew may be the greatest bunch of people in the world but sometimes they are not always the most careful. After a while your high dollar container “branding” may get a little tattered looking, your customer may not appreciate a beat up piece of equipment on the job site.
3) If the roof leaks, or the cam locks break than it’s some else’s responsibility to fix it.
4) All the arrangements to deliver, rent and pick up can be made with a single phone call. No need to send a truck back to a site to pick up your container after de-mobilizing.
5) When the container is idle you won’t have a  cargo container taking up valuable yard space.
6) Working capital will not be tied up in equipment, the rental costs can be charged directly to the job. Renting storage containers for job site use with get you a good looking, well maintained piece of equipment for plus or minus $100/month depending on the size, length of rental and marketplace.

I realize I didn’t provide a definitive answer but rather a list of items you to consider for your particular situation. Which one you choose is entirely up to you and maybe a combination of both renting some of your site storage containers and buying storage containers for other projects will best fit your particular situation.

When to start Potty training boys

When is the best time to start training boys?

On average when your child is 2 years old or a little older. This is when they are more aware and can understand instructions easier.

Also make sure there is nothing major going on in your lives like a new baby, starting nursery, moving house etc, as this can be distracting and stressful to your little one.

Where do i start potty training ?  I would suggest the best potty training age is going to be as follows

The most simple way to try things out is let your child do their normal activities around your home with no nappy on.

With them being used to having a nappy on all the time, they will become aware that nothing is there and hopefully tell you when they need to go to the toilet.

If you see them holding themselves or looking irritable, then you might want to take them over to the potty and sit them down on it, saying a word they recognize for needing the toilet, so they know why they are sitting on there.

It worked – what now?

Make sure you always praise your child for doing so well verbally, and/or by offering them a small treat like a piece of fruit. if you need the complete potty training boys tips


It didn’t work ….

Be patient. Children are all different. Just because a family member or friend’s child is doing it at the same age, it’s not something that is set in stone for all. Sometimes children cant grasp the potty until about 2 and half or older.

Most importantly don’t get angry at your child or punish them if they make a mess. This will just associate anger and feeling negative towards the whole thing.


Training nappy pants. These will confuse your child, as they will think they still have a nappy on. When they progress more on the potty and know when to use it by themselves you can introduce it then as something they can do themselves on their own.

Also if your potty trainING  a boy it’s easier for you and them to help them to sit on the potty first rather than stand, then they can progress to standing up over time.

I would love to hear your own potty training stories and any tips you may have too.

College and NFL Prediction Formulation Equations

Football Predictions For This Week

The Bears and the Packers are two of the few teams left with 2-0 records. With two high-powered offenses run by Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler respectively, Monday night at Soldier Field has the makings of a classic NFC North shootout.

Packers on Offense

After the Packers saw Ryan Grant go down for the year in their season opener, they knew their NFL PREDICTIONS  balanced attack would suffer a blow. So while Green Bay’s backfield barely made a dent against the Bills last week (65 total yds between Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn), Aaron Rodgers took matters into his own hands and threw for 255 yds and 2 TDs. This week could be similar for Rodgers and his receivers, especially after Chicago’s run defense made the Cowboys’s 3-headed ground game dwindle like Wade Phillips’s job security. Rodgers will step into Soldier Field’s hostile environment calm and collected. He’ll look to pick on CB Charles Tillman, who seems to get beat often these days. But Green Bay’s most valuable receiver on Monday might not be Donald Driver or Greg Jennings, but Jermichael Finley. The young beast of a TE is a mismatch nightmare down the middle; too fast for a LB, too big for a safety. The Bears will use their speed to exploit Green Bay’s O-line and get to Rodgers. They’ll try to get a spark from their big playmakers like Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers.  the best College Football predictions can be found on this link.

Bears on Offense

In this day and age, Martzism takes the form of the Chicago Bears’s new run ‘n gun offense.  Mike Martz has found the NFL to channel his revolution- the often questionable, unconventional Jay Cutler. Cutler and Martz have seemed to breathe new life into the Bears’s attack. Matt Forte has been able to hurdle his sophomore slump with two dynamic back-to-back games. What’s more impressive has been Cutler’s ability to spread the ball get production out of a seemingly weak receiving corps. Cutler will look to keep up the momentum at Soldier Field with his cannon of an arm- the Bears had 3 plays through the air for 38 yds or more last week. Chicago’s receivers will use their speed to get behind the Packers’s secondary and its the college and nfl Predictions that are going to trouble them But while Cutler tries to thread the needle to Johnny Knox and Devin Hester, he should be wary of FS Nick Collins and reigning Defensive Player of the Year Charles Woodson. Another guy he has to watch out for is Clay Matthews, who seems to be dishing out concussions like the Cowboys have been handing out wins. This is where his midrange weapons come in for quick releases, namely Matt Forte and Greg Olsen.

Monday night’s matchup will be an explosive high-risk/high-reward shootout. Unfortunately for the Bears, their signal-caller is a bit riskier than Green Bay’s.


Green Bay 30

Chicago 24